Report Pollution

If you have information about pollution being spilled, dumped or discharged into the storm drainage system, which includes storm drains, ditches, swales, creeks, lakes, ponds, streets, or directly into a waterway, please:


CALL THE HOTLINE (865) 425-3497

If you are witnessing an event at the moment, please call Police Dispatch at 425-4399 immediately to report the incident.

When contacting us, leave as much information as possible:

  • Date of Incident
  • Time of Incident
  • Location*
  • Source & Type of Pollution (if known)
  • Responsible Party (if known)
  • Your Contact Info* *
  • Photos of the event would also be helpful if available.

*We cannot take reports for violations that occur outside the City limits.
**It is helpful to have your contact information in case we need to get more information or follow up with you about the report.  We understand confidentiality and will handle your information in that manner.

 Examples of what you can report:

  • Foam, bubbles, or a milky appearance in a ditch or waterway
  • A strange odor coming from a storm drain
  • Spilled or dumped auto fluids (motor oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc) or chemicals (paint, cleaners, etc) on the street or into a storm drain
  • Wastewater piped to a creek or ditch (i.e. from a washing machine, floor drain)
  • Washing equipment outdoors using chemicals
  • Sediment flowing off a construction site.

Thank You for keeping Oak Ridge waterways clean and healthy!