In 2015, the Stormwater Management Team began to sponsor two AmeriCorps members. The Community Action Committee (CAC) AmeriCorps is an environmental service program that has been in operation in Knoxville, TN since 1994. It currently consists of about 40 members serving in different organizations throughout Knoxville and the surrounding Eastern TN region. This program is committed to human and environmental justice in our communities through completing acts of service. CAC AmeriCorps members work to improve public lands, streams and greenways, educate the public, meet immediate human needs through disaster response, eliminate barriers to employment, contribute to healthier lifestyles and build volunteer capacity to enhance the ability of our partners to get things done. The AmeriCorps members at Oak Ridge are responsible for running the Healthy Waters program, completing the public outreach and education components of the NPDES permit, facilitating the Adopt-A-Stream program, building relationships with other organizations, and participating in water quality education. Each of the AmeriCorps Stormwater Teams that have served in Oak Ridge have brought unique individuals, new ideas and advances to the Stormwater Division.


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2017-18 Team                                                 

Jessica Wykoff and Danielle Gerlach      








2016-17 Team                                                                                  

Tina Ball and Caitlin Craighead                                                                                         







2015-16 Team

 Erin Kelby and Ellen Comeau