The Healthy Waters Program is an outreach program within the Stormwater Division of the City of Oak Ridge Public Works Department. The program aims to educate the community on how to enhance the quality of our local waterways, address water quality issues in our city and enrich natural habitat in our urban area.


2018 Rain Barrel Workshops

Join us for one of our 3 “Make it, Take it Rain Barrel Workshops.” At one of these workshops you will be given information on the benefits of using a rain barrel, how to use one, and be shown how to construct your very own rain barrel for which you will receive parts upon
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NPDES & MS4 History

The Stormwater NPDES program has been implemented in two phases. Phase I was designed for medium and large Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) and industry, and Phase II is designed to focus on stormwater discharges from small MS4s. Locally, the DOE facilities fell under the Phase I requirements and currently maintain a single NPDES permit which includes stormwater discharges.