“Make it, Take it” Rain Barrel Workshop in Oak Ridge

On Saturday, April 29th, the Healthy Waters Program hosted a rain barrel workshop sponsored by the Water Quality Forum. The event was a great success with over 25 people in attendance who were eager to learn about how rain barrels work. This “Make it, Take it” Rain Barrel Workshop was designed for attendants to walk out of the workshop with knowledge on how rain barrels function, an understanding of their benefits and how to install them at home. Plus, they received important stormwater information all homeowners should know in order to be good stewards of our environment! There is one more workshop coming up in Knox County on May 13th at Harvest Park if anyone wasn’t able to make it. Additionally, for those interested in just purchasing a rain barrel, the Water Quality Forum is hosting an Ivy Rain Barrel Sale on Saturday, June 3rd at the UT Gardens. Thanks to all who came out for this fun and interesting workshop.