At Home Activities

Water Conservation Activity Book

This activity book explores the different ways we can conserve water in our daily lives!



Stormwater Matters! Crossword with Word Bank

This crossword contains key vocabulary when talking about stormwater. Use the clues to help match the words to their spaces!



Stormwater Matters! Crossword without Word Bank

Want a challenge? Try filling out this crossword, which contains important stormwater vocabulary, without a word bank!



Water Pollution Maze

This fun maze challenges you to get the Poo-lutant into the trash before it washes down the storm drain! When you are done cleaning up after our furry friends, help the fish find his food!



Color a Rain Barrel

This coloring page lets you learn about the benefits of rain barrels in a fun way!



Trash Troll Coloring Page

While trash is bad and ugly, this cute little trash troll is sure fun to color! While you are coloring, look at what might go down that storm drain. And always remember: Only Rain Down the Storm Drain!



All About Stormwater! Wordsearch

Use this word search to test your stormwater knowledge!