250K Tree Day is Coming Up!

This year the Healthy Waters Program for the City of Oak Ridge is participating again in the 250K Tree Day put on by the Tennessee Environmental Council! It’s time to start registering for your trees to be picked up in late March! You might be asking yourself “why is a tree planting event so important to the Healthy Waters Program?”, well I’m glad you asked! Trees are an important part of our ecosystem, and they help to slow down stormwater, as well as absorb and filter many of the pollutants that can are picked up in the water before it reaches our streams. So not only do trees provide priceless aesthetic value, they also help reduce sources of pollution that can come from stormwater. Some facts about last year’s 250K Tree Day:

  • 434 acres of new tree canopy in Tennessee as the trees mature
  • $7.8 billion in economic value from the trees in the next 50 years in contributions to air and water quality as well as flood control
  • 3 billion gallons of rainfall intercepted in the tree canopy therefor reducing stormwater runoff, downstream flooding and improving overall water quality
  • 109,000 tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere

Each seedling bundle comes with 4 seedlings, 1 of each type: a pine, a red oak, a flowering or fruit tree, and a redbud. Order today to reserve your tree seedling bundles and pick them up on March 23rd, 2019!

Registration ends March 17th so be sure to order your trees today!

For more information  visit: https://www.tectn.org/250ktreeday

Contact Sarah Benham at healthywaters@oakridgetn.gov with any questions.

Together we can make a difference!